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Housing the Homeless w Sandra Vasquez

September 24, 2021 Gillian McCormick, Susannah Steers, Sandra Vasquez Season 4 Episode 7
Small Conversations for a Better World Podcast
Housing the Homeless w Sandra Vasquez
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With all the election campaigning in Canada in recent weeks, we've heard a lot about affordable housing. What does that really mean for some of the more vulnerable people in our community?  In this week's episode, we get down to the nitty-gritty of housing and homelessness in BC.

With her vast experience in different countries, Sandra gives us a sense of what homelessness means in Canada and in different parts of the world.  In this wide-ranging conversation we discuss everything from drop-in centres to the social determinants of housing, to factors contributing to success for housing programs to defunding the police.
As with so many other topics we've covered in this podcast, an important element in  improving conditions for homeless individuals lies in breaking down silos.  Tune in and join the conversation!

About Sandra Vasquez
Sandra Vasquez is the Housing and Outreach manager for the CMHA North West Vancouver Branch. She has worked with homeless individuals facing mental health and substance use disorders in Columbia, where she was born, and in the USA and Canada for more than 23 years. Sandra has a Bachelor's in Business and a Master's in Clinical Social Work.

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Intro to Sandra Vasquez
Who is Homeless on Vancouver's North Shore??
Comparing Homelessness in North America to Homelessness in Columbia
Drop In Centres
Social Determinants of Housing
The Whole Enchilada - Recipe for Success
Defunding the Police
What is Health?