Small Conversations for a Better World Podcast

A Conversation About Trauma w/ Tyler Milley, Part 2

July 16, 2021 Gillian McCormick, Susannah Steers Season 4 Episode 2
Small Conversations for a Better World Podcast
A Conversation About Trauma w/ Tyler Milley, Part 2
Show Notes

Trigger Warning:
In this episode, we discuss mature themes, including issues of violence, indigenous traumas and more. Please consider whether this conversation is appropriate for you and/or others in your environs before pressing play.

This episode is Part 2 of our in-depth conversation about trauma with  Registered Clinical Counsellor, Tyler Milley.  We pick up where we left off last time; as Tyler walks with us through the aftermath of a violent incident in North Vancouver, and the ways that experience affected a community.   

With clarity and compassion, Tyler Milley provides perspective and gives us tools to  begin to  understand the challenges of trauma; in the context of a single event, and with a glimpse into the kind of trauma that crosses generations and affects entire peoples.  How do we create safe, open environments with empathy and humility that might illuminate a path toward healing the trauma in our communities?  Join us to explore the possibilities...

About Tyler Milley

Tyler Milley is a registered clinical counsellor in Vancouver with over 25 years of experience working with people of all ages. He has supported people with various experiences, expressions, and degrees of anxiety - including individuals and families suffering the effects of trauma. Tyler was born and raised on the North Shore of Vancouver but only recently bought his first mountain bike. He continues to happily live there, injury free for now, with his wife, Emma, and their three incredibly intelligent, good-looking children.

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