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Homeless Youth & Bootcamps for Change w/ Katie Heggtveit

January 22, 2021 Gillian McCormick, Susannah Steers Season 3 Episode 4
Small Conversations for a Better World Podcast
Homeless Youth & Bootcamps for Change w/ Katie Heggtveit
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Homelessness is a pervasive and growing problem in Canada.  It is both a cause and a consequence of many serious problems around a person's health and wellbeing. When homelessness strikes for our youth, those problems can be amplified exponentially, and can have impacts that last a lifetime.  Katie Heggtveit is the Founder and Director of Impact,  Bootcamps for Change, an organization dedicated  to improving  fitness, health, self-efficacy, confidence and employment prospects for youth living in homeless shelters. We talked to her today about  youth homelessness, and the very impressive work she's doing to make a difference. Have a listen and be inspired!

About Katie Heggtveit
Katie Heggtveit is the founder of "Bootcamps for Change" #SweatierForTheBetter, an organization that shows how fitness can break the cycle of poverty through better health and a foundation for sustainable livelihood. She’s run over 15 sold-out fitness events in Toronto, Thunder Bay, and Halifax, sharing her passions as a TEDx speaker and facilitator of entrepreneurship and homelessness workshops for thousands of high-school and post-secondary students. In 2020, she was named to The Future of Good’s Top 21 New Founders to Watch, 30 Nonprofit Founders That Will Impact the World by CauseArtist, a Top 100 Health and Fitness Influencer in Canada by OptiMYz Magazine, Emerging Leader in Ontario by the Government of Canada, and was the recipient of a national $20,000 scholarship for student leaders. She is currently pursuing her Master of Management Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Queen’s University, and will be pursuing her DrPH. Always keen for adventure: traveling to nearly 40 countries at the age of 24 - riding camels, hiking with locals, and jumping out of airplanes!

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