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The Truth About Endometriosis w/ Jill Mueller, PT

January 15, 2021 Gillian McCormick, Susannah Steers Season 3 Episode 3
Small Conversations for a Better World Podcast
The Truth About Endometriosis w/ Jill Mueller, PT
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Endometriosis is a diagnosis that many women in Canada and globally struggle with. It can take many years to be diagnosed, leads to serious health issues and creates significant economic impacts. Endometriosis is present in 50% of women with infertility and often results in chronic pain. There are many myths and much misinformation about endometriosis. We brought Canadian Pelvic Health Physiotherapist, Jill Mueller, on the podcast for a stark conversation on the truth about endometriosis, a discussion of how to manage the pain of endometriosis successfully and why to make an endometriosis fertility plan early in life.  

Jill has been a physiotherapist for almost 20 years, but became interested in the pelvic side of therapy after experiencing her own fertility and pain challenges linked to endometriosis. She wanted to share with clients the evidence-informed techniques that she learned and has used on herself to help her get out of her own monthly pain.

Jill is currently designing an online course for physiotherapists and their role for endometriosis, and hopes to have that completed for next fall through Reframe Rehab and Pelvic Health Solutions.

She currently assists for those companies with their Biopsychosocial Approach to Pain course.

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Keep an eye out for online endometriosis course for patients, and pelvic physios!

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