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Debunking Desire / Dr. Lori Brotto

August 21, 2020 Gillian McCormick, Susannah Steers Season 2 Episode 8
Small Conversations for a Better World Podcast
Debunking Desire / Dr. Lori Brotto
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In this final interview of Season 2 we dive deep with the always gracious, Dr. Lori Brotto, because sometimes, we have to talk about having better sex. Solutions for women with low sexual desire are few and far between. Unlike men, the 'little pink pill' is not a game-changer. Dr. Brotto has spent her career investigating ways to help women achieve better sex lives using non-pharmaceutical interventions. Her research in mindfulness has been ground breaking for women everywhere (and for some men, too). She didn't stop there, however. Her research is accessible to all, her knowledge translates well into book format, and she spearheads the Women's Health Institute of BC, home to all research conducted at BC Women's Hospital.

About Dr. Brotto
Dr. Lori Brotto is a Professor in the UBC Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, and a Registered Psychologist in Vancouver, Canada. She is the Executive Director of the Women's Health Research Institute of BC located at BC Women's Hospital. Dr Brotto holds a Canada Research Chair in Women's Sexual Health. she is the director of the UBC Sexual Health Laboratory where research primarily focuses on developing and testing psychological and mindfulness-based interventions for women with sexual desire and arousal difficulties, and women with chronic genital pain. Dr. Brotto is an Associate Editor for the Archives of Sexual Behaviour, has more than 170 peer-reviewed publications, and is frequently featured in the media on topics related to sexuality. Her book, Better Sex Through Mindfulness: How Women Can Cultivate Desire (2018) is a trade book of her research demonstrating the benefits of mindfulness for women's sexual concerns. She is a strong advocate for empowering women to take on leadership roles.

Find Dr. Brotto at, on Social Media @DrLoriBrotto, @UBCshr, @womensresearch. Find her book, "Better Sex Through Mindfulness: How Women Cultivate Desire" HERE. Don't forget to check out #debunkingdesire!   

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